One thing I can promise you, our valued customers, is honestly. This last week was tough. When you have as much NE wind as we’ve had the last week, it blows in lots of warm water. Salmon and trout prefer cold water. When the water warms up as much as it has it requires us to venture miles and miles offshore to find the preferred water temperatures. That’s why we invested in a boat that’s capable of these long offshore trips in a safe and comfortable manner. Traveler, our 30ft Tiara Open Yacht is designed with these types of trips in mind. We were still able to put together solid trips this week by deploying deep downriggers and long copper lines to reach the depths the fish were hanging out at. Spoons actually out performed flasher and flies this week which is a rarity this time of year. There really wasn’t a color combination that stood out. If you could find the fish, they were willing to eat.

This week also saw the beginning of the Salmon-A-Rama tournament which is the biggest tournament on the Great Lakes (July 10 th -18 th ). We are once again a Preferred Charter Boat for the 8-day contest. What that means for you is you are automatically entered in the contest just by fishing on our boat. There are a ton of different ways to cash in on the cash and prizes. Refer to for a list of cash and prizes. We are fully booked for the duration of the contest but we partner with several other charter boats to ensure that we will be able to accommodate the date you would like to get out.

A definite highlight from the week was a first for me. In close to 40 years fishing Lake Michigan, this was the first time landing a musky. Not just any musky, but a 48in musky that we caught in 300 feet of water!!!

Tight Lines and keep your fingers crossed for some west wind!
Captain Tim

Musky Caught on Lake Michigan
Salmon Caught on Lake Michigan