This was another week of warm water fishing. The warm water has made the salmon pretty shy but the Lake Trout have been willing to play.

Salmon A Rama (July 10 th -18 th ) is always a great time. We were fortunate enough to put a couple fish on the leaderboard along with a guest cashing a nice check for the Lake Trout category.

Fishing will now begin to transition to summer patterns making them more predictable. We will be fishing deeper waters with more flashy presentations. Now is the time to bring out the chrome flashers and colorful spoons. Cover the entire water column in this warmer water and focus on areas holding bait fish. There is really no thermocline to speak of so the fish can be anywhere from 5ft down to hugging the bottom. Don’t overlook reaction strike baits like jplugs. These can be great when fishing warmer waters

We still have some openings for August so don’t hesitate to call and set up your adventure!

Lake Trout Caught On Lake Michigan
Salmon Caught On Lake Michigan
Lake Trout caught on Lake Michigan