The famous saying “Be careful what you wish for” rang true this last week. We had all been wishing for some colder water. We’ll, we sure got it. The problem is, we got way to much and way too cold. This can make fishing tougher than warm water. The fish no longer have to congregate in pockets of colder water. They are free to roam wherever they want. Under these conditions there is really no particular pattern, presentation or baits that will stand out. It’s important to cover the entire water column with all types of presentations and baits. I suggest running deep riggers, mag dipsys, coppers and leadcores. The one pattern that held some consistency was the color green. Green flashers, green flies, spoons with green and plugs with green.

We found the most effective technique was to simply pick a depth of water and straight line troll until you got bit. Once you got bit, circle the area several times prior to resuming the straight line troll.

We still have some availability in September so do not hesitate to call and set up your adventure!!

Best of Luck,

Capt. Tim

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