Another great week of Lake Michigan fishing is in the books.

We spent the week in one of two places. Either in shallow chasing mature king salmon, or out deep catching rainbow trout. Its one of those situations where we give our guests the choice of fish to fish for at the beginning of the trip. We would love to target both species on the same trip, but this time of year each species requires vastly different techniques. King salmon require reaction strike type baits like jplugs at fairly slow speeds in shallow water. Rainbow trout are biting flashers and flies and smaller spoons at higher speeds in very deep water. We’re finding the kings in 30-60 feet of water and the rainbow trout in 190-260 feet of water.

We still have a few openings for September so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Capt. Tim

Rainbow Trout Fishing On Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan Salmon