The Rainbow Trout fishing that has blessed us for the last couple weeks has started to dry up as the trout start their migration to rivers and streams that they will call their winter homes.

It’s that time of year when our full attention turns to catching mature king salmon as they return to shallow water to go through their spawning ritual. There is no actual spawning that takes place on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan because we do not have the proper spawning conditions. However, the salmon still go through the motions and we are glad they do.

I cannot stress enough how fun catching these mature salmon is. This fishing is done with smaller rods and bobbers. Very similar to bluegill fishing except for we use much bigger hooks and much heavier line but it’s the same technique. Cast your line out and watch your bobber. When it goes under, set the hook and hold on for the best fight you will ever experience with a fish.

We don’t get a chance to fish for ourselves very often during a busy charter season, but we always set aside time to make sure we get to enjoy this time of year. It’s just that much fun!! We are happy to set you up to experience this fishing as well. Give us a call!!

Best of Luck!
Capt Tim

Rainbow Trout Caught On Lake Michigan
Rainbow Trout Caught On Lake Michigan
Rainbow Trout Fishing On Lake Michigan