This past week was nothing short of amazing. Lake Michigan fishing out of Milwaukee was a riot with limit catches the norm. Steelhead (Rainbow Trout) was the dominant species making up these catches. These Steelhead are not only amazing table fare but are known for putting on spectacular acrobatic displays when hooked. We are fortunate to have a vessel designed with offshore fishing in mind since we had to venture 12-15 miles offshore from Milwaukee to find these schools of fish. Once we located the schools, flashers in green and white paired with green or aqua flies or standard spoons in bright colors did the bulk of the damage.

We will soon be transitioning to targeting mature kings inside and just outside of the harbor. These arm busting brutes are a blast!!

Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding our ice fishing season! We will be making the announcement in the next couple of weeks.

salmon caught on Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan Fishing