Milwaukee Fishing Report

Lake Michigan – Fishing off the coast of Milwaukee continues to be fantastic. The coho have begun to spread out more than they were earlier in the spring making finding them a little more challenging. The best strategy we have found is to set up in 60 feet of water and troll east. When we hook up, we’ll work that area a few times before continuing east. Another strategy is to troll east until you hook up and then concentrate on that depth trolling north or south. The best baits have been the same all spring. The only exception is we are running the bigger 2” flies behind the 6” orange dodgers now. As always, it’s a good idea to run some king setups on deeper riggers while searching for the cohos. This last week, white flashers with green or little boy blue flies have been best. I think we are all ready for some nice West winds after dealing with all of the N-NE winds we’ve had all week!!! Good luck and tight lines, Capt. Tim

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