Milwaukee Salmon Fishing Report

Milwaukee salmon Fishing continues to be up and down. This has been a challenging year weather wise as we have had to adjust to rapid and intense condition changes. Multiple fronts in a day, strong low and high pressure systems can make finding fish a challenge. However, we have consistently produced successful trips for our guests by being able to make the necessary adjustments. The most consistent bite has been found well offshore in 200+ feet of water. Surprisingly, spoons have been out producing flashers and flies as of late. We have been fishing the top 80ft of the water column with spoons on the lead cores, coppers and steel lines. NBK,Mixed Veggies and the old standard Cracked Ice have been the best. We are still getting a few fish on white flashers paired with Poseidon flies in aqua and greens. Once the water cools back down, the mature king salmon should begin to stage in shallow water. Never a better time to catch the fish of a lifetime!!

Check back soon for next weeks Milwaukee salmon fishing report!


Good luck and tight lines,
Capt. Tim

Trout and Salmon Caught On Lake Michigan - Milwaukee Salmon Fishing Report
brown trout caught on Lake Michigan 8-21-2018
Lake trout caught on Lake Michigan 8-21-2018
Coho Salmon caught on Lake Michigan 8-21-2018
Rainbow Trout caught on Lake Michigan 8-21-2018

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